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Dot X

Dot X serves as the central hub for managing all DotMatrixLabs(DML) products, starting with Decker. While we currently offer Decker, stay tuned for more innovative products to be seamlessly integrated into Dot X in the future.

  • Unified Control: Dot X provides a unified control center for all DotMatrixLabs products, ensuring a cohesive and integrated user experience.

  • Intuitive Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies the customization process. Navigate effortlessly through features and settings to tailor your devices to your preferences.

Download Dot X

Download your copy of Dot X here

We only support Windows at the moment. Support for other operating systems will come in the future.

Setting up deej for Dot X

We're really happy you want to try out Dot X with your deej! Follow the steps below to make your deej compatible with Dot X and start customizing your experience through the application!

Please note that currently Dot X only supports deej with 5 sliders.

It's important to note that the current firmware expects slider 1-5 to be connected to A0-A4, this should become more configurable in the future

1. Visit the DML MCU flasher

  • Navigate to DML MCU Flasher

  • Close the deej software if running - System tray -> Right click -> Quit

  • Click the flash button on the page.

  • Choose the com port of the device. The same that you have been using with deej, so you can either check the yaml file, or if unsure look in device manager for CH340

  • Wait for flashing to complete! If you have any problems, please report them in our Discord :)

2. Open Dot X and select your deej device

Open Dot X, press the cog in the top right corner. Under device, find your device in the drop-down menu and select it.


While you are in settings, turn on autostart under general to make it start automatically when turning on your computer

3. Enjoy Dot X with your deej!

Now go try it out! Please report any problems, suggestions and feedback in our Discord!